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You should immediately notify Professionals Advocate of any incident that may lead to or trigger a medical negligence claim. You should also contact ProAd to discuss any requests to meet with attorneys regarding your care of a patient. In the event you receive a notice of a lawsuit, or a claim letter from any attorney, swift reporting is crucial to allow ProAd to respond within the alloted time frame.

Reporting a Claim
There are several ways to contact ProAd to report a claim, lawsuit or incident:

  • Telephone - Call us at 800-492-0193 and inform the operator that you are an Insured reporting a new claim.

  • Online - Click here to login to the secure area of the site and report a claim.

  • Fax - Fax any documents you receive to 410-785-3057.

Next Steps
After reporting a claim, please note the following precautions:

  • Do not ignore any legal papers you receive pertaining to your lawsuit. Forward all materials to ProAd immediately.

  • Do not respond to any legal papers before contacting ProAd.

  • Do not discuss the circumstances surrounding the incident with anyone other than the attorney representing you or a ProAd Claims Representative.

  • Do not make any additions or deletions to the patient's records.

  • Do not attempt to contact the patient filing the lawsuit in any way.

  • Do not review any medical literature specific to alleged or potential claim.