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A data breach can happen accidentally or on purpose — through stolen or lost laptops or portable storage devices/drivers, a hacked web site or computer, discarded but still readable records, employee error or malicious intent.

No matter how the breach occurs, you are legally responsible for the consequences. These can include regulatory fines, notifying all potential victims, immediate remediation costs, responding to any claims or lawsuits resultant from the breach, and much more.

That's why ProAd offers two levels of data breach protection.

Privacy breach coverage that helps you handle obligations that may arise from a breach. It is included with MedGuard legal defense coverage. Learn more

Comprehensive privacy breach coverage that also includes cyber liability protection in the event of a claim or lawsuit. Learn more

Privacy Breach Safety Guidelines
For additional information on typical ways that a Doctor's office can experience a breach, as well as strategies you can use to help prevent a potential breach of protected health information, please click here.